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The Austin anti-trust litigation attorneys at Shaw Cowart LLP have a professional, ethical, and highly respected reputation in a diverse area of the law, including representing clients in anti-trust lawsuits. We are considered experts in the area of anti-trust defense, and the investigations involved in these types of allegations and subsequent litigation.

Before actual anti-trust charges are brought, the Anti-trust Division of the Department of Justice is notified of possible antitrust violations. Agencies investigating criminal activity may discover possible price fixing, bid rigging, money laundering, or tax evasion (to name a few), and refer the information to the Anti-trust Division which then begins an investigation.

Investigations that result in charges of anti-trust violations are either initiated proactively by the Anti-trust Division of the Department of Justice or are referred to the Division by other departments, or government entities, investigating other crimes such as money laundering or tax evasion. When evidence is discovered by an ongoing criminal investigation, the Anti-trust Division is enlisted.

Lead Sources for Anti-Trust Investigations

Leads for investigations generally come to the Anti-trust Division through one or more of the following sources:

  • Government agents
  • Complainants
  • Amnesty applicants
  • Proactive efforts by the Antitrust Division

The methods of investigation used by the Anti-trust Division usually include such covert methods as recording telephone conversations by tapping phones, or wiretapping. In some cases, the agents will make a plea agreement with a person who could be facing charges, and obtain their assistance by having them wear a tiny microphone that allows personal conversations between that person and another possible defendant to be recorded.

Austin Anti-Trust Lawyer

The anti-trust defense lawyers Shaw Cowart in Austin, TX, have extensive experience with federal and state regulator’s negotiations, in addition to in-depth knowledge and experience negotiating consent decrees, and compliance packages.

The legal field is constantly changing with new laws being implemented faster than a person outside the legal field can even imagine. We rely heavily upon our internal and external experts to keep us well informed of any new laws that could affect the way we represent our clients. This is especially true in anti-trust claims. It is also important to note that we do not hesitate to use expert witness testimony during litigation to strengthen our client’s position in an anti-trust claim.

If you are facing an anti-trust claim, call 512-499-8900 or contact Shaw Cowart LLP, experienced and respected lawyers, to fight for your rights.


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