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At Shaw Cowart LLP, our team of business litigation attorneys in Austin understand the the stress of handling and running a business. We pride ourselves on our commitment to help you. With decades of experience and a proven record of success, you can trust we understand even the most complex legal issues for your business.

Why Choose Shaw Cowart’s Austin Business Defense Lawyers?

Our team of Austin business defense attorneys will be sure to communicate with you and keep you informed and involved throughout the process while also letting you focus on running your business. We are dedicated to help you whether you need a business owner dispute lawyer in Austin or are being sued by an employee, we can help you achieve your goals and protect your business. Call us at 512-499-8900 or contact us to schedule a consultation.

Effective Representation For Lawsuits And Disputes

Legal conflicts can be a costly and distracting drain on a company, perhaps threatening the business itself or the individuals in charge. The Austin business litigation lawyers of Shaw Cowart LLP provide powerful defense counsel and consulting to neutralize or pre-empt such threats.

Our Austin civil litigation firm serves a cross-section of businesses in Texas and nationwide, from local entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 corporations. We deliver comprehensive legal services to respond to internal and external conflicts that arise in the scope of businesses. We seek efficient and cost-effective resolutions where feasible, but we regularly go to court in pursuit of justice.

Arrange a consultation with our proven business defense lawyers in Austin to discuss the strategies and resources we can bring to your case.

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